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Diamond Myths and Bargain Prices

I continue to be amazed at the number of times I hear “I purchased my diamond for 30% below market value “or words to that effect. Everyone wants to buy at the best possible price (including me), and that can be done with the right jeweler. The jeweler is one that you have an ongoing working relationship with or one that you can establish an understanding of long term business and not just this one purchase.

Trust is always a part of this type of purchase, so it is important that both buyer and seller establish a rapport that promotes a sense of honesty and goodwill.

If a diamond has the diameter larger than its ideal cut diameter, then it is also thinner which will cause some of the light that enters the stone not to reflect back through the top (the table) AND THAT REDUCES THE BRILLIANCE.

If the diamond has a diameter that is less than the ideal cut diameter for its size, then it is also too thick and that will cause some of the light entering the stone to pass right through THAT ALSO REDUCES THE BRILLIANCE.

The market price of a diamond is established by many factors, some of which are: availability, demand, cut, color, and clarity. As a professional jeweler for 45 years, it still amazes me how many people I meet who are looking to buy a diamond and base the value only on the carat weight (size), color, and clarity. If you ignore the cut then you do so at your own peril.

It is the cut of the diamond that makes the stone. The better the cut, the better the brilliance. If three diamonds of the same size, color, and clarity have different proportions (cut), they will all look different. You need to know the proportions of the diamond (THE CUT) and find a diamond that is as close to ideal proportions as possible for the best sparkle.

The following information will help you make your purchase with more confidence and at the same time you will be showing the jeweler that you have an understanding of the importance of the cut as it affects the brilliance which, in turn, affects the price. That will help you get a better looking diamond !!!

If the diamond has a certificate, it will have the proportions listed in percentages. This will give you the information that you need. You should ask the jeweler to explain this information as it pertains to the diamond that you are looking at. If you do not get the information that you need to understand how this diamond is cut compared to an ideal cut diamond or feel that this question is beyond the understanding of the jeweler, you might consider if you are buying from the right jeweler and move on.

Buying a diamond, diamond ring, or jewelry, in general, should be a great experience and one to enjoy. You can get unlimited information off of the internet but that will only give you raw data and, although to be an educated consumer has its advantages, in buying a diamond and/or jewelry it can turn what should be a great experience into a nightmare of stress.  

Below is the exact % proportions of an ideal cut diamond

Brilliance   Grade


    19.2%    40.0%        56.1%        N/A           41.1°         38.7°         98.4%


These are the benchmark % of the ideal cut. You will see these % listed on a diamond certificate. The closer you get to these % the better the brilliance.

Girdle thickness is listed here as N/A, but on a certificate it will be THIN,THICK, THIN TO THICK, or VERY THIN.POLISHED OR NOT POLISHED, Very small can cause the diamond to get damage on the girdle, Very thick can lower the amount of light that reflects through the diamond and can reduce the brilliance

Both will affect the value and are less desirable.

If you would like to investigate in more detail go to That is the only place that you need to look on the internet for information.

Please remember you cannot become a gemologist or an expert in diamonds by just reading about them.

Remember — the purchase is supposed to be enjoyable.You’re going to spend your money; have fun doing it! Use this information and enjoy the process. 

I am only a phone call or email away if you have a question.