Whether you’re looking for answers about buying jewelry, getting your jewelry appraised or even interested in selling your unwanted gold and jewelry, contact us and David Stern Jewelers will help you in any way we can.

Marlene L.
David is the bomb! I have lived in South Florida for 24 years and have been searching for an honest and talented jeweler for almost as long. My diamond ring needed some improvement. The setting... was old and the rhodium plating was starting to wear off. The baguettes on either side of the center stone had no sparkle to them. I told David I didn’t have a lot of money to spend right now and wanted to know if there was anything he could do to give my ring life again. Lo and behold he performed magic. I picked up my ring today and was floored by how beautiful it looked. He re-rhodium plated the ring, replaced the baguettes with super shiny round stones, lowered the center stone just enough to make the ring look twice as big! All this for an extremely reasonable price. I couldn’t be happier! If you are looking for an honest and experienced jeweler, David Stern is your more
Stephanie S.
David was extremely kind and knowledgeable. I went in because the diamond on my ring was loose and I was scared to continue wearing it but he had it fixed right on the spot. He also has some... beautiful and unique jewelry pieces! Definitely recommend himread more
e D.
Five stars is not enough for David Stern. He is an amazing artist who designs and creates the most unique and fabulous jewelry. If you have a stone(s), he will create a work of art for you,... suggesting and enhancing your idea, He also has access to the highest quality stones from all over the world . He has been in the jewelry business for years and really knows the ins and outs. If you have jewelry to sell, he will give you a fair price after explaining how he calculated it considering the style, the weight and the quality of the stone(s) He is extremely personable and very pleasant to work with. I am very confident in saying he would never take advantage of more