Estate Jewelry Buyers In Boca Raton

At David Stern Jewelers we have been buying gold, platinum, watches, diamonds and estate jewelry from individuals for over 40 years. This is our business and the reason we are successful is that we pay the highest prices available. David Stern Jewelers is the most trustworthy direct cash buyers of fine diamonds and jewelry in Boca Raton, FL. We pay you IMMEDIATELY with the agreed offer. We can offer the service of consignment to sell your jewelry or redesign it for you. All business is private and confidential, your jewelry NEVER leaves your sight!

Diamond Buyers

Call us to set up an entirely free Appraisal and offer of your Items, in our private, secure office located in Boca Raton. Your valuables never leave your possession at any time.

Gold Buyers

We make it easy to submit your jewelry for a pre-valuation quote. Simply fill out our form, try and give us your best knowledge of the item or items that you’re sending us and upload photos.

Jewelry Buyers

Out of town. Ask for a secure, insured refiner pack that will arrive at your house by mail. We have a simple system to guarantee your confidence to allow your valuables to leave your possession.

Diamonds, Gold and Jewelry Buyers of Boca Raton.

We buy diamond, gold, jewelry, precious stones, signed jewelry and silver. We also purchase damaged or broken diamonds and precious stones; They also have value. Whether you’re looking to sell your diamond ring, engagement ring, pendant, necklace, earrings, and other jewelry, we take care in examining the features that give your jewelry value. No item is too small or valuable for us to purchase.

All transactions are Confidential and In Sight

People sell their jewelry for many reasons. We don’t ask why we don’t make judgments. We do pay immediately, and we do explain what you have, and how we arrive at a fair price. There is never any pressure to sell and always time to consider our offer. Most importantly the items never leave your sight. If you decide not to sell and it is appropriate, we can advise alternative options.

Turn Your Unwanted Jewelry into Cash.

We can take the jewelry and watches on consignment to sell for you or
sometimes a redesign is a better choice. We can design and remake into new original pieces of wearable art. As you have all the jewelry components necessary to do this, you will find it very affordable. Sometimes you can do this without any cash out of pocket. You can sometimes leave Diamond, Gold and Jewelry Buyers with new jewelry that you love and the cash offer for the balance.

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