Appraisals, Diamond, Fair Market Value


Over a series of posts, I will give advice on how to buy at an auction and maximize the best value for your purchase by following the facts that I have used to help my clients achieve that goal.
This information is not given in any order of importance but should be used appropriately within the context of each individual auction and item purchased.
  This advice is only directed to jewelry which is my area of expertise


#1. Always remember that this is one of the mediums that professional buyers of jewelry use to acquire jewelry to resell. They need to sell to other dealers or stores or the public so they must buy at a price that enables them to do that. This is the maximum price that you want to pay.

They know when to stop bidding so check the room and see what is going on. Do not get caught up in a bidding war.

There are always other pieces of jewelry that you will want and will be able to buy. Save your money until then.


#2. If you are new to auctions, find a professional buyer to work for you. Negotiate a fair fee and work out the details. 

If there is a preview, work with your buyer and take his advice. Decide on a game plan, stick with it.

The goal is to buy only the pieces you want if the price is right.


3. There can be different values on any one item depending on the purpose of the purchase.  I will explain those issues in later blogs.  

This is the first in a series of posts intended to help you. I am always available to answer any questions.